There’s a difference between couples therapy and sex therapy?

Sometimes therapy for sex issues is unsuccessful because the couple has sought couples therapy and not sex therapy. When they have not seen any change or found the outcome that they had hoped for, many of these couples think about giving up on their relationship because they believe they have tried everything.

Sex Issues: Sex Therapist

What many people don’t know is that couples therapy is a very different experience than sex therapy. While some couples benefit from both couples and sex therapy, when there are issues related to sex, the couple will likely benefit from working with a therapist who either has significant training in sex therapy or is a certified sex therapist. 

We love each other! And still there are sex issues?

There is a common misconception that sex issues in a relationship must be stem from either communication issues or a general problem in the relationship. While this can be true, in many instances, sex issues between a couple have no connection with how well the relationship is going from an emotional standpoint. In fact, the couple can feel a lot of love, safety, and connectivity in the relationship, yet still have sex issues.

Desire, Desire, Desire

Among the most common sex issues for couples is low desire or different levels of desire. Underlying sexual trauma, infidelity, and other issues are also seen in sex therapy.

Couples therapy is effective too!

While a couples therapist can do a great job teaching couples effective communication, healthy conflict resolution, and understanding the deeper power struggle within the couple, they will not always know how to navigate sex issues. 

Sex Therapy resources

If you think you might want to explore sex therapy, there are many therapists who are trained in both couples and sex therapy. When interviewing a therapist, ask them if they have experience treating sex issues. and if so, what type of training have they had? You can also find a certified sex therapist through AASECT (American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists). You can search for a sex therapist in your area here.

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