5 Great Reasons to Consider Imago Clinical Training

Imago Clinical Training

You will learn effective, transformative, and research-based skills to bring safety and restore connection in couples and relationships where conflict and rupture have occurred.

Imago Clinical Training will Benefit You:

  1. You will grow your professional capacity to effectively guide a couple toward connection and empathy from the very first session.
  2. You will no longer get caught in the position or trying to solve or referee an issue(s) but rather guide partners toward the healing and growth potential embedded in their differences that cause conflict.
  3. You will have the tools and understanding of how to facilitate empathic connection through the Dialogue structure.
  4. You will find hope and potential in all relational situations …especially intimate and conflictual ones.
  5. When you help a couple discover or rediscover the reasons they were drawn to one another and teach them the skills and knowledge that lead to safety and connection…you will have fun and even enjoy working with the most challenging couples!

Join us for the 2017-2018 class beginning September 19th in Washington DC/Bethesda Maryland.

Register: Imago Relationships International

Clinical Instructor: Rebecca Sears