Keeping the Love You Find™ a workshop for individuals

Finding the One

Finding one’s true love has been the dream of lovers throughout history…The bubble of romantic love will burst and you will find yourself locked in a power struggle. But (after this workshop) now you know yourself, and…you are prepared for what is coming.

From Keeping the Love Find by Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly Hunt

The fairy tale sometimes ends happily ever after but more frequently it just ends, before we have a chance to move from the unconscious relationship to a conscious relationship.  We are drawn to partners who unconsciously remind us of things we longed for but did not get in our parent-child relationships. So how do we avoid doing the same thing repeatedly and being disappointed when we get the same results? 

I remember after my divorce, thinking that I would end up in another relationship with an alcoholic because:

1. I like “Bad Boys”

2. I have a type: men who “need” me more than I “need” them.

They were fixer uppers for me. I really had no idea how to sidestep that trap.

Are you curious about who YOU are in a relationship? 

Do you have any idea of what it is like to be in a relationship with you? Are you willing to investigate the patterns and behaviors that you have learned and brought with you into your adult relationships? Understanding the parts of ourselves that we have hidden, lost, or denied can help us to welcome and reintegrate all our parts. 

When I began my own discovery of why I do what I do in relationships, it was clear to me that I had been blaming things outside of me for my problems. Recognizing that I had a part in the way my marriage of twenty-five years played out was a huge step in owning my contributions and then I could learn new ways of being. I learned how much I avoid hard conversations and I think my way is the best way to do things. I discovered how being independent and self-reliant prevented me from having the closeness and companionship I longed for in a relationship.

Become your whole Self

I imagine if you could maintain the relationship you long for, you would. But something gets in the way. You are not alone. Explore the ways you protect yourself when you get close to another person. Be curious about what you deeply long for but how you sabotage the possibility of getting your deepest desire. Uncover the blueprint of how you want to be loved and express your love.

I reclaimed the parts of myself that could rely on others, parts that trust others, and accept that my adaptive avoidance response got in the way of getting what I want. Once I started down that path, I learned more about me and became the me that is securely attach in a relationship.

A Weekend Workshop

In the Keeping the Love You Find™ workshop, as a participant you will delve deeply into the story of your childhood nurturing and the messages you received. You will use dialogue and written exercises to: 

  • release yourself from past relationships
  • identify adaptive responses to conflict and differences
  • explore your fast held stories and wounds from childhood
  • integrate new emotionally corrective behaviors
  • reclaim your original wholeness
  • craft a plan to be the person you were meant to be in a relationship

What would it take for you to choose a new path to relationship?

If you are single or in a relationship that is going nowhere, you will benefit from this immersive weekend workshop.  Are you ready to uncover how you prevent the relationship you want? Join us! Do you want to be better prepared to meet and be in a safe, loving, connected relationship? Register for this weekend. How long are you willing to keep doing the things that do not get you the relationship you want?

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Keeping the Love You Find™ workshop is based on Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly Hunt’s book by same title.