MEN IN TRANSITION: Consciously Leading the Life You Were Born to Live

Many people would agree that transition is the word of the day.  We live in a rapidly changing world and most of us are in some sort of transition much of the time.  Biology tells us that the ability to learn and adapt is critical to survival.  This is also true spiritually where we’re called to integrate what we learn in our lives and use it going forward, often requiring a change in our focus, direction or approach.  This raises two questions:

How have we learned to deal with the challenges of change as we adapt?

How do we ensure we’re on course, leading the life we were born to live?

The Existential Questions

In on-going conversation with my longtime friend Bob Devlin, an executive consultant and Founder of Transformation Strategies,, we explore small things like: the meaning of it all, the world we’re leaving to our kids, our concerns about the lack of discourse and civility in our political process, the scourge of the opioid epidemic, the #metoo movement, and just how challenging it is to keep our heads above water in a rapidly changing world.  

We decided to take our conversation into action by inviting a large group of men to an experience in life transitions.  We’ll bring what we know from our worlds of human development and systems change to help others reflect on their lives, what they care deeply about and consider what’s next for them. 

The Hero’s Journey

Join with other men for a day-long session to explore our source of wisdom and resilience, clarify what matters, and return to our lives as they are, renewed and clear on the impact we seek to have.

 We’ll work with patterns of ancient wisdom sourced from the Hero’s Journey writings of Joseph Campbell.  We’ll identify how we’ve been resilient in meeting life’s challenges and clarify what kept us going when the times got tough.  You’ll end up with greater clarity on what you stand for, how you’ve courageously lived that out to date, and how you want to live this more fully going forward.

When and Where

When: May 18, 2019

Where: Washington Area


Bob Devlin, Transformation Strategies & Carl Siegel, Executive Director, Imago Center.

Cost:  Early Registration $175  After April 15th  $225

Scholarships available.  

Click here to register!