Positive Outcomes of Group Therapy: Instillation of Hope

via Pixabay/Alexas_Fotos

Recently, I came across a piece by Kovie Biakolo entitled Why Hope Matters on one of my favorite inspirational sites, Thought Catalog.

Kovie says, “…that is where hope comes in – believing that though I don’t know the answers, that they do exist and that whatever happens, though I don’t know the reasons, happens for ultimately, the greater good.” Hope is vital to the process of growing, healing, and developing a generative approach to life. Generativity is possible as one becomes self-aware. Investing in the future by helping others open a window to self-reflection and personal change.

Group therapy provides an effective crucible for the instillation of hope. The group leader and members reinforce positive expectations and reflect back negative preconceptions. The group as a mirror of growth and improvement offers ongoing information to the members and in this way serves as a therapeutic instrument.

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