Welcome to The Imago Center of Washington DC

We are a non-profit agency of professional therapists in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia dedicated to providing hope and healing to individuals, couples, and relationships using Imago Relationship Therapy.

Imago is different than traditional couples therapy and marriage counseling.  We will help you and your partner restore your connection and learn to communicate in a way that feels safe for both partners. We focus on giving you practical skills to work on your relationship outside of the therapy room.  We also offer premarital counseling and premarital workshops to help you and your partner start right and stay connected. 

For individuals, we offer individual and group therapy where you will learn practical and effective tools to live your life in a positive and connected way.  We also serve families, children and adolescents.

Learn more about our Getting the Love You Want workshop for couples and other relationship education seminars for couples and individuals, or browse our relationship advice and articles, blogs, and newsletters for free relationship help that is both positive and practical.  Don't miss our blog series, Relationship Rules to Break!

The Imago Center is also recognized as a center of excellence in clinical training for mental-health professionals wanting to become Certified Imago Therapists.  If you are a mental-health professional and want to learn more about training in Imago Therapy, please be sure to view our offerings in training in Imago Therapy. Professional Training in Imago Theory for Non-Therapist Professionals can also benefit clergy members or mediators who need to work with groups of people on a personal and intimate level.  Training and certification as a Community Educator using Imago Techniques can assist non-therapists to teach relationship education within the communities they serve.  For clinicians already certified as Imago Therapists, we offer Advanced Imago Training with our trainer, Rebecca Sears, MDiv LPC.   

The Imago Center of Washington DC is chartered by Imago Relationships International to serve diverse populations and to seek to make Imago therapy and education accessible and affordable to all those who need it.   We are committed to providing professional training in and doing research to further the development of Imago theory and practice.  The Imago Center works in support of and in collaboration with our regional professional association of Imago Therapists as well as Imago International.  

No one likes to admit that they are struggling in their marriage; but the fact is that it happens. The Imago Center is here to offer a place for couples therapy to help get to the root of the problem of why you and your loved one have grown apart. Many couples go through a tough patch and for this, we aim to offer you comfort in your time of need.

The Imago Center provides marriage counseling for couples in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia. You don’t have to be worried about how you and your significant other are going to get through the problems. Our licensed and knowledgeable therapists are here for you. We believe that conflict is just change trying to happen.

With our couples therapy we hope to help you and your loved one embrace changes that may need to happen and accept the feelings that each of you have. All of our marriage counseling sessions are private and confidential. If you are ready to renew your relationship and work through problems, give us a call today to set up an appointment.  

Contact us and get started on improving your relationships and your life today! 

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