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How Gender Roles Influence Young Children

By now, most of us have heard the term, “Man up!”, but if you haven’t, it is a term used to very strongly encourage boys, young men, and adult males, to show more so-called “strength”. It is a term commonly used to shame boys and men, into acting the way past generations feel they should act; with little emotion, and a lot of bravado. But what does this term- among many others- do to the psyche of young children?  Read more »

Does the Way You Spend Bring Happiness?

"Much of our activity these days is nothing more than a cheap anesthetic to deaden the pain of an empty life." ~ Unknown

Echoing the wisdom of the world religions, new research suggests that people spending money on "stuff" rather than life enhancing experiences "are sacrificing well-being for a sense of value that never materializes."  The attached article (click link below) explores this research.
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How to Use Conflict to Connect and Grow in Instead of Wound

As soon as my couples get serious about using conflict to grow rather than to wound or make the other "wrong," things change quickly and dramatically. In the attached article (click link below), Brian Gersho writes, "If you were to witness a healthy couple disagreeing on an issue, it would be hard to determine that they were having a difference of opinion because of the how skilled they are in having a respectful discussion/disagreement."



Want More Happiness? Cultivate Better Relationships

Happiness is an elusive topic that has been studied and contemplated by many throughout history. While there are many theories and ideas of what it means to be happy, I decided to focus on the relational aspect of happiness in this blog. As an Imago relationship therapist and someone who specializes in helping my clients achieve happy and healthy relationships I have come to view much of happiness through a relational lens.  Read more »

The Problem with Relationship Advice

The Internet is a wealth of information. You can get medical advice, relationship advice, learn how to cook and really find anything you need. Some of the most popular viral articles these days are ones on relationship advice. As an Imago relationship therapist I can't help but click on an article posted in my social media feeds that promises some sage advice on how to fix, save or create the perfect relationship.  Read more »

Take the First Step to Improve Your Relationship

Wondering what you can do to improve your marriage or committed relationship, even if your partner is resistant to change? Check out this video with Harville Hendrix, Ph.D., as he explains how it takes only one person to make a relationship better.

"This Is Water": Goldfish, Supermarkets, and the Power of Awareness


           Just this week, for the first time I watched a popular online video, This Is Water, adapted from author David Foster Wallace’s 2005 commencement speech at Kenyon College. Maybe you have seen it; the link is below:  Read more »