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Fight Fair

How often have I heard: “we just need to learn how to fight fair?” The most self-reported reason I hear for coming into couples counseling is “we have different styles of communicating.” The subtext for this includes: we always...

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Will I Ever Get My Needs Met

Can You Give Me what I need? Being in a committed long-term relationship is the hardest thing we do. Individuals in a relationship boil down into two distinct categories. You can call them Pursuers and Withdrawers, Minimizers/Maximizers or the-one-who-is-eternally-Disappointed...

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Stop Shoulding on Yourself!

 Interactions with other people wire the brain for resilience. This dharma talk parable illustrates how interactions can be positively and negatively encoded in the brain.  A seven-year-old boy and his family are having dinner at a local restaurant. The...

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